Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Fusion of The Warrior Path and Spiritual Science

The Vision and Mission of Warrior Science

I am convinced that the Warrior Spiritual Science will be a space of immense value to those seeking clarity and resources on the Warriors path.

I dedicate this space to developing and refining tools that can be used achieve all the spiritual goals of life esp. the attainment of the experience of objective reality.

  • I aim to achieve this by posting my own experiments and their results,

  • guidelines for conducting experiments,

  • comparing and contrasting my work with that of others doing similar work so as to better understand what is being achieved or not and improve upon it,

  • share my work with as many others who are interested, to get their views so as to help maintain a kind of objectivity and benefit from the wisdom of others,

  • by making a list of possible experiments to try out so as to encourage others to keep pushing forward in the quest for knowledge,

  • to continue to create and develop as many resources as possible to achieve these goals

  • to make this space and all of my other spaces connected a reliable resource for all whom are hard working folk genuinely dedicated to their Path with Heart

  • and to provide motivational support as well as intellectual and spiritual advice in the best way I can.


Moment by moment and day by day I practice my own brand of self-development. No doubt I will continue to evolve this practice from now till the end of my life.

For the benefit of my own practice I decided it would be useful to organize the knowledge I learn and am learning into one easy to utilize tool. And, take that organized knowledge place it where others can see it so that they can benefit. Then hopefully others who see what I am doing will contribute to my efforts in any way they can.

To make the contribution of others easier I will be placing information in more than one place on the net. This way I will perhaps find others faster, and provide multiple mediums through which to receive contributions from many different types of people. This way if you like wiki's more than blogs you can use the wiki:(Link to be posted HERE later on), or if you like myspace: Myspace Spiritual Networking, and eventually I will create a forum somewhere as well.

  • Through this blog I will post what experiments I am working on, the basics of what I am doing so you can try to repeat it, and what my results were.

  • Through this blog and other resources I will include ideas on how to conduct spiritually scientific experiments correctly as I learn how myself. This way you will be capable of doing the same yourself and we can together refine the technique to make it easier for others.

  • Include on my sites the work of others directly compared and contrasted to my own work. Include my analysis of why this or that occurred and how. Include why one person might have had one result and I another, what this means and how to reap the greatest reward from it. This is also so as to not develop the false sense that my way or anyones way is the right way.

  • Go out and find as many people as I can to get them to offer their view. Continue to seek out more and more people without end continually refining my own theorize with those of others. I hope to use my wiki for this purpose(like to be posted HERE). This way any other person can continue to improve upon the work I started or they started years after the fact.

  • Create and extensive searchable list or database of experiment ideas so as to inspire as many people as possible in the noble quest for knowledge. Make it so as many people as possible can add their own experiments.

  • Seek out the ideas of others on how to improve every aspect of what we do.

It is a big dream but this is what I hope to achieve.

I will be working on it gradually bit by bit, kind of boot strapping my efforts so to speak. It may take a long time, but at least one day it will or something like it will be done. And, the more people that come along to help the faster it will come along.

From the Warrior path I hope to take the knowledge and dedication that leads to a much more expedient path to the aim of Total Freedom. It provides a depth of knowledge I have seen no were else and hope I can do justice to through my humble little project.

On the end of spiritual science I utilize the ideas of Rudolf Steiner and Gurdjieff with my own innovations added in the hopes of making the tools of the Warrior even more streamlined and digestible to the modern mind. All this without rationalizing the Warriors path too much if at all. Instead I hope to make it accessible to a wider group of people without loosing its deep and profound value. And if nothing else Steiner, Gurdjieff, and my own ideas will provide enough knowledge to create something truly protent.


Gunslinger said...

This is awesome, Ian. I view the way you are doing it as one of the ways consciousness works, making connection after connection in a non-linear way.

SurfinCypherz said...

Thank you Todd.

If you read through the whole thing you will know I'm looking for as much help as I can get coming up with ideas, forming experiments, making comparisons and so on.

Soon I plan to post a list of ideas for experiments. It will be just simple experiments easy for most people to perform, I hope you will come by and share something of your own.